PDF Security Modifier 1.0

PDF Security Modifier 1.0: Encrypt/Decrypt PDF Document, password protect, password remove PDF Security Modifier is a very flexible and powerful software application. it can also be used to encrypt existing PDF document, set permissions, add user and owner password or change document properties like author and subject. it can also be used to remove all restrictions like printing, copying, editing. and can remove password protect.

Nervebit Dipole 1.0: Race for control of the priceless artifacts of endless space.
Nervebit Dipole 1.0

modifiers. Using them, the operator can targeted change the state of the cells. In one turn the operator can use any number of modifiers in any order. To use a modifier, select it and choose the target cell. In some situations, the modifiers are not effective, that is after their use does not change the state of the cells of the converter. The Dipole automatically monitors and blocks such action. Unpredictable results occur when there are multiple

board game, game against the ai, logic game, logic

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EMCO OS License Modifier 2.4.2

Modifier can assist you to update Windows registration information on one or multiple remote computers in the local network. Using this tool you are able to collect registered owner and registered organization information from remote computers and change it, if required. All operations to collect and update registration information can be performed remotely with all or selected computers in the local network. OS License Modifier provides following

owner, registered, change, windows, change registered owner, name, change windows registered to, change registered to, user

Block Attribute Modifier 2.0: Modify block attribute values in AutoCAD DWG files.
Block Attribute Modifier 2.0

With Block Attribute Modifier (BAM) you can easily automate the process of modifying block attribute values in AutoCAD drawing files. Use BAM to delete attributes, clear attribute values, replace attribute values, and find and replace attribute values. BAM runs very quickly and can process thousands of drawing files with the click of only one button! BAM is compatible with all AutoCAD drawing versions 2000 and above.

attribute, autocad, attext, block

orangePixelMeter 2006 2.15.5: a small but fine app. with which you can make simple and fast pixel measurement
orangePixelMeter 2006 2.15.5

orangePixelMeter 2006 is a small but fine application with which you can make simple and fast pixel measurement on screen. And Guidelines which will stays on top with optional smooth mouse snap. orangePixelMeter 2006 is FREEWARE. features: > Adjustable modifier keys and mouse buttons for measurement > Horizontal and vertical Guidelines > Guides with optional smooth mouse snap > Intelligent prompting > Auto update

small, measurement, orange, guide, lines, modifier, display, intelligent, pixelmeter, simple, screen, orangepixelmeter, meter

UtilStudio Photo Resizer 1.3.21: Batch Photo resizer - Email, Facebook, FTP, Resize, Rename, Watermark, Frames
UtilStudio Photo Resizer 1.3.21

Batch Photo resizer (modifier) - Resize, Rename, Watermarks, Frames, Shadow, Rotate photos and store them to Disk, Email, Facebook, FTP or Clipboard. It remembers as many photo transforming configurations as you will need. Just only Drag and Drop photos to the appropriate settings panel to start transformation process and store photos to the selected target. Fully automatic conversion of images with folder tree monitoring function.

image editor, photo resizer, image resizer, email, picture editor, photo modifier, photo converter, facebook, picture resizer, photo editor

MacroMenu Clipboard Modifying, Macro Building, Clip Store and Mail Templates all in One!

MacroMenu Is a must have tool for anybody that work with text manipulation, programming or helping people by mail or on forums. MacroMenu`s user interface is build as a menu that can be customized in many different ways. MacroMenu is a very fast and intuitive tool for building: Clipboard modifiers, macros and mail templates. For storing: Clips, favourites and shortcuts. For pasting and inserting text in many different and advanced ways.

indentation, favourites, search, piece, clipboard, file, paste, browser, find, folder, modifier, save, editor

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